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The  eagerly anticipated memoirs of Liz Shumate. Available now from Bide A Wee Publishing.


 To My Grandchildren:

This little book of memories was inspired by you and therefore is dedicated to you. It is my hope that some of these memories will remain with you and as a result a small part of me will always continue to live within you. Also, thanks for the name “Granny Liz” that you gave me a long time ago. I rejoice every time I hear one of you call my name.

Much Love


Liz Shumate and her husband Joe have traveled through all 49 continental states which includes Alaska on their Honda Goldwing motorcycles. They rented a Harley Davidson to ride in Hawaii to complete their quest to ride in all 50 states.

They have also covered all of the Canadian Provinces. On two trips to Nova Scotia they crossed by ferry to ride throughout much of Newfoundland. Their first ride to Alaska had some detours that took them through the Yukon and up the entire length of the Dempster Highway, which is a 500 mile gravel road. This highway ended at the Eskimo village of Inuvik, near the Beaufort Sea. They were proud to have ridden 250 miles above the Arctic Circle. Two different motorcycle vacations lured them south of the border to Mexico. They do not speak Spanish, but did not encounter any problems  they could not solve with smiles and patience. Although her travels have  also taken her to China, Japan, Costa Rica, Belize and many more places, her heart is permanently entrenched in their Wythe County home in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia.