Hi Mom!

Here is sample front and back cover (and the spine) for a 6x9" hardback book.

A full dust cover would also include 3" inside flaps, like this:

Pay no attention to the words in the samples abovenor below. I just entered a bunch of text on the back cover and inside flaps
to show what it could look like. These are just first (very) quick tries using some image software. We have a lot of time to do the following:

1. decide on a cover format ..... I am going to come up with a variety of choices for you
2. decide on color scheme
3. decide on the words and pictures we want on the back of the cover
4. decide on the words and pictures we want on the inside flaps
5. etc. etc.

...... or whatever else we can imagine ...... you supply the photo(s) you want and the text you want to say on the back cover (for example the short "biography" usually next to the author's photo on the back) and I'll put it all together.

Another sample cover (minus the inside flaps) ........

OK ....... here is a link to the first draft document completely as it will be formatted.
This is the exact text, fonts, page numbers, table of contents, layout for photographs, etc.
that will be published. Remember, this is first draft only. I still have to add a lot more of the
newer batch of photographs that you sent to me. I plan on inserting many of the photographs
to what this first draft shows, so don't worry too much about what is missing.

This is a large PDF file, but if you click on the link, your browser should open it for you to review.

Click this link ................. First Draft PDF of Wit and Wisdom of Granny Liz.

Your book can be a hardback one with a dust jacket (like a library book) or it can be a casewrap book (like a textbook). See examples below.

Both cost relatively the same amount, so it doesn't make any difference which you would prefer.
The Dust Jacket Hardcover option is described as "Bookstore-quality hardcover binding with dust jacket. A book bound in navy blue linen with a full-color dust jacket (front and back). The title and author's name are written on the spine in gold foil."
The Casewrap Hardcover option is described as "Bookstore-quality casewrap hardcover binding.Full-color, glossy cover (front, back and spine). Does not come with a dust jacket."

I can create whatever design we want for the front and back covers. We can use any colors, photos, images, fonts we want to use. Let's really make this look professional! We can model it after any type of book example you know of .... or we can come up with our own design. Perhaps a photo of Bide-a-Wee? Maybe a great "reflective pose photo" of you with soft edges? Maybe a photo of you in full mororcycle gear? Perhaps one of your own photos of nature or flowers. Anything!

Best of all ............ we can publish this wonderful hardcover book for probably around $20 per book! I told you it was affordable. That's $20/book for 1 book, 5 books, 10 books, or however many we want. Who knows? Maybe you've written a classic that Oprah will want to promote into a best seller. Shipping and handling is minimal, particularly if we order say 7 books at once.

I Love You Mom.

.............. Bob